The salon de l'Abondance

The Salon de l’Abondance, the smallest of the salons in the Grand Apartments, served as an antechamber to Louis XIV’s Cabinet of Rarities. Its trompe...

Apollo served by the nymphs

The sculptures of Apollo’s Baths are to Versailles what the Mona Lisa is to the Louvre: absolute masterpieces, constituent of the site’s identity.

Fashion and Versailles

“To be queen meant no more to Marie Antoinette . . . than to be admired as the smartest, the most coquettish, the best dressed, the most spoiled and...


Via the Napoleon exhibition, the ‘Versailles at Arras’ partnership highlights the history of the close link between the first emperor of the French...

Peter the Great

Warrior-monarch and inveterate traveller, Peter the Great crisscrossed the world for almost four decades, from the White Sea to the Caspian, from...

Palace of Versailles app

Palace of Versailles app

The official Palace of Versailles app.

application of trianon

App of the Palaces and Gardens of Trianon

Explore the history of the palaces of Trianon and of the estate of Marie-Antoinette.

Gardens of Versailles

Gardens of Versailles App

Go on a stroll with this new app and the gardens of Versailles will no longer hide their secrets from you!